Ms Ramokhoase’s story

IMG_20160412_094122141This is the inspiring story of entrepreneurship by Ms Maplatjie Johanna Ramokhoase, aged 54 who owns Plot 9315, Tumahole. She is seen here receiving her title deed from Joey Mochela, Mayor of Ngwathe municipality and Colin Benjamin, President, Rotary Club of Parys.

Mrs Ramokhoase applied for her title deed 4 years ago. She had a son of 11 and wasn’t  married to the father. When he left, she had to make sure her son would have whatever is hers and that nobody could take it away.

IMG_20160414_104857151She applied to Ngwathe municipality for a plot to run a business. At the time she had a coal business. It was not doing well because people were buying less coal. They were using more gas and electricity. She has built 12 2 room units with a shared outside toilet on the plot and rents them out a cheap rent to help the local community.

IMG_0170 IMG_0171

IMG_0172As the land for many of these plots have never been properly surveyed, there was confusion about the  boundaries of the plot.She now finds she has more ground and plans to build a laundry, a  bathroom and a tuck-shop. She also wants to pave the area between the rooms.


She lives separately from the plot where the units are. This house was her fathers and is now hers as she is an only child. She is now able to pay for the title to this house herself. The house was built by the municipality in 1984. Improvements such as electricity, plumbing and extensions have been done by her or her father. She is not married but has a boy-friend who lives with her. She doesn’t want to live alone as gangsters are a problem in the township.

As most black people have never owned a house, they don’t understand about insurance and how to borrow money from the bank to fund future developments. She thought if she got a bank loan secured on the units or her own house and she died her son would lose everything. Now she understands that she can take out life insurance, she will fund further developments with a bank loan. She will also make a will.

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