Trail Run Details


There are 2 separate events you can enter:

– 15km Antelope Trail Run

– 7km Wildebeest Trail Run

Walkers are welcome in both the 7km Wildebeest and the 15km Antelope Trail Runs.

The routes are not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs. Hence the minimum age to enter the Wildebeest 7km Trail Run is 7 years old.

Due to the nature of the terrain, all distances are approximate. They have not been accurately measured using a measuring wheel.

Antelope Trail Run – 15km and Wildebeest Wonder Trail Run – 7km

There are 15Km Antelope and 7Km Wildebeest Wonder Trail Runs at this venue. They share a start line and go off in the same direction. The runners are directed left along jeep trails and single track then up and over a small Kopje just beside the river. There are spectacular river views as you descend the Kopje. There is a beautiful short section beside the river then it proceeds across open ground in front of the Cottages and around the Wildebeest field. There are often antelope and ostriches in the field as well.

The Antelope trail runners then turn left through the gate across a dirt road further into the wildlife park. After a short relatively flat run the route climbs steeply through rugged and interesting terrain and up to the view point where runners can enjoy the stunning views of the Vredefort Dome, the Vaal River and the surrounding area before tackling the descent through ‘Boulders’ which may involve a little rock scrambling. You may see zebra, giraffe and many types of antelope as you run. Then cross the road and through the gate and run directly to the finish line ahead of you. Run under the archway but keep to the right hand side.

The 7Km Wildebeest trail runners turn right at the gate, passing the Finish line on their left (without going over it please) and repeat the same route again. After passing the gate for a second time, turn right and run to the finish line, this time running under the archway but keeping to the left hand side.

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